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MSOC - Minor in Sociology

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Baccalaureate degree students may select a minor in a different field of study to complement their major.  An academic minor allows students to expand their educational experience by exploring a particular subject or subjects in sufficient depth to gain competency. By completing a minor, a student can become familiar with an additional area of study which will supplement the expertise gained in the major.

The minor in Sociology prepares students to explain human behavior and to apply sociological perspectives to address current social problems. Sociology courses examine various aspects of social life, including the social construction of identities, social stratification, deviance, the role of media in society, and many other topics. Studying Sociology will prepare students for graduate school and to apply Sociology in a range of careers.


Area A - E courses and required courses within the major cannot dually count for the minor, but Area F courses and elective courses within the major can also count for the minor.  If a course is required by name for both the major and minor, then students should take an additional course in the minor to reach the required minimum of 15 credits for a minor.

For questions about this program, please contact:


Dr. Roscoe Scarborough


(912) 280-7741