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Faculty and Staff


  • Michelle Johnston, Ph.D., President

  • Judith Johnston, Executive Assistant

  • Kendra Lloyd, Administrative Coordinator




  • Johnny Evans, Jr., Ph.D., Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

  • Laura Lynch, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Faculty Affairs

  • German Vargas, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Academic Student Engagement

  • Andrea Noktes, Executive Director of the Art & Lindee Lucas Center for Entrepreneurship

  • Melody Moore, Executive Assistant to the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

School of Arts and Sciences

  • Syvillia Averett, Ph.D., Interim Dean, School of Arts & Sciences and Chair, Department of Mathematics and Data Science

  • Robert Bleil, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Arts & Humanities

  • Colleen Knight, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Natural Sciences

  • Roscoe Scarborough, Ph.D., Interim Chair, Department of Social Sciences

  • Amy Sneed, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Education & Teacher Preparation

  • Deborah Browning, Mathematics & Natural Sciences Department Coordinator

  • Quanda King, Arts & Humanities Department Coordinator

  • Andrea Spivey, Social Sciences Department Coordinator

  • Kelly Clark, Biological Science Lab Coordinator/Instructor - Camden

  • Jeri Guyette, Physical Sciences Lab Coordinator-Brunswick/Camden

  • Janet Gannon, Physical Sciences Lab Coordinator/Instructor

School of Business and Public Management

  • William Mounts Jr., Ph.D., Dean, School of Business and Public Management

  • Heather Farley, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Business and Public Administration

  • Tyra Warner, J.D., Chair, Departments of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts and Criminal Justice & Public Policy

  • Bill Garlen, Ed.D., Director of Business Innovation Development

  • Stephen Shehan-Nichols, Business and Public Management Academic Services Coordinator

School of Nursing and Health Sciences

  • Lydia Watkins, D.N.P., Dean, School of Nursing and Health Sciences

  • Nicole Masano, D.N.P., Chair, Department of Nursing & Health Sciences

  • Ashleigh Spurlock, Radiologic Science Program Director

  • Nichol James, Department Coordinator

  • Kashawn Littlejohn, Nursing Program Specialist

  • Jeffrey Garrett, Nursing& Health Sciences Laboratory Assistant

Center for Career and Academic Advising - COMPASS

  • Patricia Morris, Director, Career and Academic Advising

  • Teakla Jackson, Associate Director, Career and Academic Advising

  • Linell Bailey, Career and Academic Advisor/Dual Enrollment Advisor

  • Amanda Austin, Career and Academic Advisor

  • Vacant, Career and Academic Advisor

  • Jasmine Hubbard, Career and Academic Advisor

  • Jared Moore, Career and Academic Advisor

  • Shamara Thomas, Career and Academic Advisor

  • Dalila Vazquez-Herrera, Career and Academic Advisor

Academic Tutoring and Instruction Center (ATTIC)

  • Nicolette Schmauch, Director of Academic Support

  • Gary Strysick, Academic Services Specialist

  • Jennifer Gray, Ph.D., Coordinator of the Writing Center


  • Debra Holmes, Ed.S., Dean of Library Services

  • Karen Haven, Public Services Librarian/Assistant Professor

  • John Kissinger, Public Service Librarian/Assistant Professor-Camden

  • Carolyn Knapp, Public Services Librarian/Assistant Professor

  • Michele Johnson, Public Services Librarian/Assistant Professor

Camden Center

  • Joseph Lodmell, Director of the Camden Center

  • Amber Leakway, Department Coordinator

Institutional Effectiveness

  • James Lynch, Ed.D., Director

  • Ron Harding, Sr. Research Analyst


  • Laura Lynch, Ph.D, Registrar

  • Jasmine Hubbard, Associate Registrar for Technology

  • Jordan Hernandez, Assistant Registrar

  • Kayla Broughton, Records Management Specialist

  • Katie Strickland, Records Management Specialist

  • Bridgette Worst, Records Management Specialist

Academic Support

  • Mary McGinnis, Interim Director of Service-Learning & Undergraduate Research

  • Lisa McNeal, Ed.D., Director of e-Learning

  • Zerelda Jackson, Testing Coordinator


  • James Bessette, Vice President for Advancement

  • Casey Hanak, Assistant Director of Development & Alumni Engagement

  • Tiffany King, Staff Writer

  • Tedi Rountree, Digital Media Specialist

  • Libby Staab, Administrative Assistant


  • Zack Rogers, Interim Deputy Director of Athletics

  • Jay Strader, Director of Sports Information

  • Anne Manzo, Assistant Director of Athletics for Operations & Compliance


  • Michael Cook, Director/Head Coach Men's Golf

  • Val Every, Interim Head Coach, Women’s Volleyball

  • Nicole Johns, Head Coach, Women's Golf

  • Denise Hannah, Head Coach, Women's Basketball

  • Corey Harris, Assistant Coach, Men's & Women's Basketball

  • Michael Minick, Head Coach, Softball

  • Terry Stewart, Assistant Coach, Softball

  • Zack Rogers, Head Coach, Men’s & Women’s Tennis

  • Jesse Watkins, Head Coach, Men's Basketball




  • Michelle Ham, Vice President for Business Affairs

  • Rene Kast, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Business Affairs

Business Services

  • Candace Kobbe, Assistant Vice President for Business & Finance

  • Leslie Judkins, Budget Manager

  • Ryan Grolemund, Director of Accounting

  • Martin Montes Del Porte, Senior Accountant

  • Matthew Jacobs - Accountant

  • Penny Bethune, Accounts Payable Coordinator

  • Chastity Knowles, Payroll Manager

  • Debbie Miles, Procurement Director

  • Hannah Toler, Senior Buyer & Central Stores Supervisor

  • Vacant, Receiving & Mailroom Coordinator

Bursar's Office

  • Hannah Watson, Director of Student Accounts/Bursar

  • Allan Cox, Director of Card Office

  • Ashley Jones, Student Account Coordinator

  • Fidda Saif, Accountant

  • Erika St. Clair, Cashier

Campus Police

  • Bryan Sipe, Chief of Police

  • Johnny Davis, Campus Police Lieutenant

  • Michael Ellerson, Campus Police Sergeant, Camden

  • Justin Bargeron, Campus Police Officer

  • Adam Jackson, Campus Police Officer

  • Jordan Cochran, Campus Police Officer

  • Leo Martinez, Campus Police Officer

  • Daniel Floyd, Campus Police Officer, Training Coordinator

  • William Jackson, Campus Police Officer

  • Christopher Moore, Campus Police Officer

  • Robert Myles, Campus Police Officer

  • John Thompson, Campus Police Officer

  • Vacant, Campus Police Officer

Human Resources & Auxiliary Services

  • Phyllis Broadwell, Chief Human Resources Officer, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources and Auxiliary Services

  • Kristine Bennett, Human Resources Manager

  • Jase Blizzard, Human Resources Manager

  • Anja Bailey, Human Resources Coordinator

  • Kylie Greene, Campus Coordinator

Plant Operations

  • Paul Melchor, Assistant Director

  • Stacy Floyd, Plant Operations Assistant

Skilled Trades

  • Kevin Fisher, Electrician

  • Bruce Grimes, Skilled Trades Worker

  • Michael Thrower, Skilled Trades Worker

  • Donald Murphy, HVAC Mechanic

  • Terry Rowell, HVAC Mechanic

Environmental Services

  • Alex Mahon, Custodial Services Manager

  • Keisha Alberty, Custodian

  • Takita Carroll, Custodian

  • Khatrina Franklin, Custodian

  • Lavarria Fudge, Custodian

  • Stephanie Hamilton, Custodian

  • Cynthia Hargrove, Custodian

  • Richard McGill, Custodian

  • Lamon McGirth, Custodian

  • Christine Rice, Custodian

  • Latoya Tate, Custodian

  • Latonia Turner, Custodian

  • Brandy Vereen, Custodian


  • Brandon Letson, Grounds Maintenance Manager

  • Michael Lee, Groundskeeper

  • Tyler Mincey, Groundskeeper

  • Rubiel Stallings, Groundskeeper

  • Brian Tankersley, Groundskeeper

  • Charles Workman, Groundskeeper


Administration and Student Services

  • Jason Umfress, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

  • Michael Butcher, Ed.D., Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator

  • Tashania Garner, Director of Student Well-Being and Support

  • Laura Smith-Brese, Personal Counselor

  • Thearon Filson, Health Center Coordinator

  • J. Quinton Staples, Director of Diversity Initiatives

  • Tonya Coleman, Director of Student Engagement

  • Vacant, Coordinator of Recreation & Wellness

  • Kaitlyn Boyne, Executive Assistant to Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

  • Malcolm Jones, Coordinator of Student Life


  • Scott Argo, Assistant Vice President for Recruitment and Admissions

  • Shannon Riggins, Assistant Director of Admissions Operations

  • Shane Apps, Senior Admissions Counselor

  • Landon Sarazine, Admissions Counselor

  • Mauren Sallee, Admissions Counselor

  • Hannah Mann, Admissions Counselor

  • Adam Molle, Admissions Assistant

  • Lynn Vicent, Admissions Assistant

  • Carolyn Neeld, Admissions Operations & Customer Relationships Management Coordinator

Financial Aid

  • Terral Harris, Assistant Vice President of Financial Aid

  • Jimia Nightingale, Associate Director of Financial Aid

  • Susan Bratten, Financial Aid Counselor

  • Nicole Ransom, Financial Aid Counselor

  • Antonio Vazquez-Herrera, Financial Aid Counselor/ Veterans Affairs Certifying Official

  • Cammie Heinhold, Veterans Affairs Specialist/Veterans Affairs Certifying Official

  • Jennifer Schoof, Verification Specialist

  • Antiqua Shields, Call Center Supervisor

Residence Life and Housing

  • Michael Woodbury, Director of Residence Life and Housing/Deputy Title IX Coordinator

  • Ineia Mansfield-Benton, Residence Hall Director

  • Kelsie Farley, Residence Hall Director

  • Jaquan Doby, Residence Hall Director


  • Alan Ours, D.P.A., Chief Information Officer

  • Gerald Moody, Chief Systems Engineer

  • Diana Leal, D.P.A., Director of Enterprise Services

  • Brian McLeod, Systems Administrator

  • Kevin Culwell, Enterprise Support Specialist

  • Matthew Hanak, Information Security Officer

  • Thomas Toler, Helpdesk Services Manager

  • Wordie Hubbard, Technology Support Specialist

  • Nathaniel Graham, Audio Video & Telecommunications Specialist

  • Caleb Ginn, Client Support Specialist

  • Sara Hunsinger, Technology Operations Coordinator