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Tuition and Fees

The schedule of tuition and fees has been authorized by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. The schedule is subject to change prior to each semester. Early registration is not valid unless tuition and fees are paid by the specified date. Registration at the beginning of each semester is not complete until all tuition and fees have been paid, and the student is not eligible to attend class until registration is complete. Payment may be made by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, money order, financial aid or payment plan with NelNet Business Solutions. However, payment by check is not complete until the check clears the bank. In the event a check is returned as insufficient funds, the student will be notified that the check must be covered within ten (10) working days of notification date and a penalty will be charged. Payments that are not tendered will be withdrawal of the class schedule by the registrar, and the issuer of the check will be turned over to the district attorney or solicitor for criminal prosecution.

Students with outstanding balances resulting from unpaid tuition and/or fees will not be permitted to receive transcripts, diplomas or register for classes.


Student tuition rates listed below are for academic year 2022-2023 and are established by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents.





$106.80 per credit hour

$1,602 per semester for 15 or more hours

Coastal Online

$106.80 per credit hour

$1,602 per semester for 15 or more hours

Out of State

$394.56 per credit hour

$5,917.95 per semester for 15 or more hours


$159 per credit hour

FinTech (FTA)

$199 per credit hour

USG Goes Global

$199 per credit hour

Georgia Film Academy

$125 per credit hour

* eCore, FinTech, USG Goes Global, and Georgia Film Academy courses are excluded from the 15 hour maximum on tuition.





Technology Fee



Student Activity Fee



Athletic Fee



Campus Center Fee



Access Card Fee



Recreation and Intramural Fee



* Students participating only in Coastal Online and/or eCore courses are exempt from the Student Activity Fee, Athletic Fee, Campus Center Fee, Access Card Fee, and Recreation and Intramural Fee

Explanation of Fees:

  • Technology Fee: These funds are used to provide computers and printers for academic labs, instructional software, and multimedia equipment for classrooms and student computer labs.  These funds also provide additional computer lab assistants to extend lab hours and support of online classes.

  • Student Activity Fee: These funds are used to finance student activities and services including publications, student government, expanded cultural and entertainment offerings, and operations support for current and new students, clubs and organizations. 

  • Athletic Fee: These funds are used to finance intercollegiate athletic activities including men's teams in basketball, golf and tennis and women's teams in basketball, golf, tennis, volleyball and softball.  

  • Campus Center Fee: These funds are used to support the debt service on the Campus Center which is used by all students. At approximately 47,500 square feet, the building contains the bookstore and coffee shop, health services, lounge space, theater and meeting venues, and the only comprehensive dining and food service facility on campus.  

  • Access Card Fee: This fee supports the operations of the card office. The card is used for identification, facilities control, meal plan tracking, on-campus purchases, copier services, and electronic management of all scholarship and financial aid funds.  

  • Recreation and Intramural Fee: The fees are used to develop recreational venues, intramural fields and programs. 




Physical Education

$60 for Outdoor Challenges (Ropes course)

$125 for SCUBA

$279 for Skiing/Snowboarding

Nursing and Health Sciences

$25 - 30 Health Sciences lab classes

$13 liability insurance for RADT, NURS, and HESC

Additional Testing fees will be added to select NURS courses

Natural Sciences

$35 for all science lab courses (ASTR, BIOL, CHEM, ENVS, GEOL, ISCI, PHYS)

$25 for general science field trip

$100 for marine biology field trip

$315 for Sapelo Island field trip

$360 for Ecology of Georgia field trip

Culinary Arts

$100 for culinary lab classes


$20 for ECSP 3190 and ECSP 3191 and MSED 3090 and MSED 3091

$30 for ECSP 4190 and MSED 4001

$250 for ECSP 4191 and MSED 4091


Application Fee

A non-refundable fee of $25 is charged when an application is submitted for admission to the College.

Housing Application Fee

A non-refundable fee of $50 is charged when an application is submitted for the Residence Hall.

Orientation Fees

Daytime Guest orientation fee $10; Multi-Day orientation fee $50; Overnight orientation fee $40; Transfer Student orientation fee $25.

Vehicle Registration/Parking Permit Fee

A fee of $30.00 per vehicle is charged for campus parking privileges.

Student Liability Insurance Fee

Certain programs or courses require the purchase of liability insurance at a cost of $13 per student, per year.

Student Health Insurance Fee

Students enrolled in the Health Care Programs (Nursing and Radiologic Science), some Biology courses and International students are required to be covered by health insurance. If the student is not covered by an existing health insurance plan and/or does not meet the waiver requirements for an existing plan, they are required to participate in the BOR approved plan.  The cost is set by the USG Board of Regents. More information is available at SHIP

Transcript Fee

A fee of $3 per request for transcripts will be charged for normal processing. A fee of $13 will be charged per request for transcripts for expedited processing and/or for printed copies. Postage not included.

Credit by Examination Fee

A fee of $15 is charged for taking an examination for credit in a course not taken in regular class sessions, except for CLEP.

Testing Fees

HESI exams $64.00, CLEP exam- $15.00, ACCUPLACER retest-$25.00, Remote ACCUPLACER exams-$20.00, e-Core exams- $20.00, Proctored Exams- $30.00, Georgia History Exams- $5.00, Georgia Legislative Exams $5.00, ACT(Residual) would replace the ISAT (Institutional)-$35.00


Parking Fine Fee

Parking fees are assessed for the following violations: Improper parking $20, Moving violations $25, Parked in fire lane $50, Parked in handicapped $100.

Late Registration Fee

After the regular registration period, a $50 late penalty will be assessed.

Returned Checks Fee

A service charge of $30 shall be charged for each check that is returned. Returned checks for which payment is not tendered for the full amount plus service charge within ten (10) days from receipt of notice will be turned over to the district attorney or solicitor for criminal prosecution.

Identification Card Replacement Fee

Upon a student's first enrollment at the College of Coastal Georgia, the student is required to obtain the Mariner Access Card (MAC) from the Card Office located in the Andrews Center. A $10 fee is charged to replace a damaged card, for normal wear-and-tear, once a semester. A $25 replacement fee is charged for lost or additional replacements.

Library Fee

Replacement charges for lost materials are governed by the College of Coastal Georgia Library Circulation Policy on file in the library. 

Judicial Fees

These fees apply to students who violate the policies of the College. The fees range from $25 to $500 depending upon the severity of the violation.

Residence Life Violation Fees

These fees apply to students who violate the Residence Life housing policies as listed in the Residence Hall Handbook.

Counseling Services

Missed appointment fee $30.


Dining Services

The College of Coastal Georgia is pleased to offer the following dining opportunities for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

  • Residential Plan Fall and Spring:

    • Plan A – 19 meals per week (Monday-Sunday):  $1,943.00

    • Plan B – 19 meals per week (Monday-Sunday) plus $50 dining dollars:  $1,994.00

    • Plan C – 17 meals per week (Monday-Sunday) plus $100 dining dollars:  $1,994.00

    • Plan D – 15 meals per week (Monday-Sunday) plus $125 dining dollars:  $1,994.00

  • Residential Plan Summer – 3 meals per week + $150 dining dollars that can be used for breakfast and lunch (Monday - Thursday) required for all students living in the Residence Halls: $484.00 

  • Commuter Plan Fall and Spring:

    • Plan A – 10 Meal Swipes:  $88.00

    • Plan B – 20 Meal Swipes:  $159.00

    • Plan C – 40 Meal Swipes:  $289.00

For further information regarding dining services visit the website at

Residence Hall Rates

The College of Coastal Georgia is pleased to offer on-campus housing. For information regarding the rates and floor plan options, visit the website at

Personal Training

The College of Coastal Georgia offers Fitness Consultation Services which includes consultation, personal training, and nutrition planning.  Fees for these services range from $60 to $195.  Additional sessions may be added for $15 per session.