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MHT - Minor in Hospitality and Tourism

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Baccalaureate degree students may select a minor in a different field of study to complement their major.  An academic minor allows students to expand their educational experience by exploring a particular subject or subjects in sufficient depth to gain competency. By completing a minor, a student can become familiar with an additional area of study which will supplement the expertise gained in the major.

The minor in Hospitality & Tourism Management prepares you to work in the hospitality and tourism industry, a specialized business area that encompasses accommodations, dining, events, attractions, entertainment, travel, and more. Our focus on a hospitality service orientation will help you learn how to be a better employee, manager, and owner in any business whose goal is to serve others.


Area A - E courses and required courses within the major cannot dually count for the minor, but Area F courses and elective courses within the major can also count for the minor.  If a course is required by name for both the major and minor, then students should take an additional course in the minor to reach the required minimum of 15 credits for a minor.

For questions about this program, please contact:


Dr. Tyra Warner


(912) 279-4568